Assigning Filter Tags to Gutenberg Content

SCF adds a special “SCF Gutenberg” container block within which you can nest your other blocks to make them filterable.

Here’s how you can do it in the latest Gutenberg version shipped with WP 5.5:

Using the SCF Gutenberg block to assign content


  1. Add an SCF Gutenberg block. Within it, just write some random text for the moment to identify and drop other blocks within it correctly. (hopefully Gutenberg might solve this container dragging identification issue soon)
  2. Now, select any other block which you want to assign filter tags, drop them within this SCF Gutenberg block by dragging from the up-down arrows.
  3. Select the container SCF Gutenberg block (either via the bottom-right breadcrumb or by hovering over the first block icon of the child and clicking on the parent container icon), then assign the required tags by checking the boxes from the block settings in the right sidebar.

Tip: Make sure to take a look at the block hierarchy breadcrumb in the bottom left to know whether the block has been nested or not.

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