Defying the boundaries of WordPress

We create design-focused plugins and themes to help you grow your business.


We are Pixify

A passionate, multi-disciplinary, web-design enthusiast duo who is on a journey to solve business problems through modern design.
Pixify - Design Focused WordPress Products

Solving problems through unique products

We take pride in ourselves on creating products and coming up with ideas that solve your problem in a way that is not done yet.

Pixify - Design Focused WordPress Products
Pixify - Design Focused WordPress Products

Making them accessible for all

UX is at the core of our approach to crafting a solution to any problem. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to use a Pixify product.

Approaching customer care with love

We are just as human as you are and assisting you through any problem is our #1 priority. Whatever the degree of the problem may be, we always reply with a smile 🙂

Pixify - Design Focused WordPress Products

Work with us

We can help your business thrive with our thoughtful, creative, and purpose-driven approach to design. Let’s talk about how our branding and web design solutions can change your business.