Design better Elementor pages, faster

Designer Powerup for Elementor adds advanced design capabilities and faster workflow features in Elementor.
Designer Powerup for Elementor Features Showcase

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It's an upgrade to your Elementor experience

The plugin provides you with tools to design and deliver your client’s sites faster.


Faster Design Workflow


More Creativity without code

Faster Prototyping

Go from scratch to a full design quicker and more efficiently with our Faster Prototyping features.

Quick Spacers

Drag margins and paddings

Adjust element spacing by dragging the edges instead of the cumbersome 4-5 click workflow every single time. Leverage this visual interface to design fast, while keeping a track of spacing on all screen sizes without breaking a sweat.

Layout Grid

Create precise layouts

Keep your layouts in the flow by enabling layout grids right on top of your editing interface. These responsive grids will help you align your content, easily spot any inconsistencies and bring precision to your designs.

Designer Powerup for Elementor is the perfect tool to help you speed up your design flow with its cool features like Quick Spacer and Layout Grid.

Modern Elements

Modernize your designs with these new trendy additions.

New Shape Dividers

Beautify the flow of sections

Extend the collection of the default shape dividers with our new additions which are totally unique and will help you create more eye-catching section breaks.

Blob Generator

Create Random Blob Shapes

Use blobs shapes in the background to offset visual balance and keep the design interesting. Live shape generations, responsive SVGs, scalable in size.

I 100% recommend this plugin for anyone looking to give their designs that professional finished look.

There's a lot more you can do with Designer Powerup

Advanced styling and features to help you get more creative with design visually; without writing code. 

EDP Icons

Move, rotate, skew, scale or give 3D perspective to any page element and make it pop!

EDP Icons

Emulate realistic light-dropping shadows by adding multiple layers and adjusting them swiftly from the panel UI.

EDP Icons

Create colorful pages with the ability to add more than 2 colors to the gradient mix.

EDP Icons

A nice utility to re-order the columns as you wish in responsive mode.

EDP Icons

Assign accurate round number values faster by jumping them.

EDP Icons

Apply complex graphical effects to any widget or element.

EDP Icons

Animate element states to bring the much needed motion to the pages.

The more I have used it, the more I have realized it has unlimited potential. A Pandora's Box of graphic surprises. The possibilities are only limited as far as imagination takes you.
Chris Jacob
Web Designer

Improve your Elementor experience without the bloat.

Designer Powerup is crafted with performance, stability and long-term compatibility in mind. It has super-tight integration with Elementor core.

Not even a single extra asset (extra CSS/JS file) is loaded on the frontend and all the output goes natively through Elementor.

We believe that “on-demand asset loading” shouldn’t be optional, but inbuilt. Otherwise, it’s just the laziness of developers or a marketing gimmick to charge more money from you by listing it as a feature.

You can rest assured that using the powerups from Designer Powerup plugin won’t cost you even a dime in terms of page speed. Everything will always be just as fast as before.


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So, it’s better to purchase it from the original source where we also provide automatic updates and support to you.

We also have a 7-day free trial in case you want to give it a shot before buying.