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About Pixify

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About Pixify

Pixify originally started as a partnership venture between Paras and Ahfaz, and now run solo by Paras after Ahfaz’s exit in 2020.

The origin story

Being a blogger prior to this, it all started when we had an idea of creating niche themes for free, accessible to everyone.

After creating the first theme Pixigo, we started working towards making it a stable business still preserving the core nature and idea of helping people solve their problems through small and affordable products.

With this goal in mind, we were able to bring new ideas to life and do so in a way that helps our customers.

The person behind Pixify

Paras Shah headshot

Paras Shah

A Committed Generalist

Keen in design, code and business, I’m a college dropout who started Pixify along with Ahfaz and the one who creates these products.

When not strategizing the next step for Pixify, I often get engrossed into the design land for hours.