About Us

The people behind Pixify.

Ahfaz Ahmed

Creative Alchemist

Paras Shah

Full-Stack Magician

Our Story

Being avid WordPress users, we realized that there were too many products offering bad quality and unoptimized products at very high rates. 

We wanted to change this and also challenge the status quo by creating products that are better and different from existing products in several marketplace. 

This idea gave birth to Pixify, where we wanted to offer the best quality products at affordable prices. 

Unlike other products that have inefficient code, performance issues, and difficult to use, Pixify products are easy to use and offer the best experience to the users.

Our goal with Pixify has been to create design-focused WordPress products that solve users’ problems and are affordable. 

With this goal in mind, we are able to bring new ideas to life and do so in a way that helps our customers. 

Our products cater to special needs of the user. Whether you’re a blogger or an agency, you can trust us.

606 People Can't Be Wrong, Right?

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