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Our origin story

The story begins with us being frustrated by the same generic products being brought to the market.

Being avid WordPress users, we realized that there aren’t enough unique products that make the people say ‘WOW’.

We always saw the tremendous opportunity in the WordPress space and believed that we can bring unexplored ideas to life.

This gave birth to the idea of Pixify, where we offer unique products that are affordable and helpful for WordPress users.

Our persistent attitude helped us stay hungry and foolish and create products that challenge the status quo and at the same time, tremendously help our customers.

Our goal with Pixify is to create unique, accessible, and affordable products for WordPress users.

With this goal in mind, we are able to bring new ideas to life and do so in a way that helps our customers.

The design duo behind all the magic

About Us

Paras Shah

Co-Founder & Code Wrangler

Keen in design, code and business, he is a college dropout who started Pixify along with Ahfaz and is in-charge of the development of products.

When not strategizing the next step for Pixify, he’ll often get engrossed into the design land for hours.

Ahfaz Ahmed

Co-Founder & Creative Alchemist

Prior to Pixify, he founded his personal blog where he writes on a vast variety of topics such as marketing, SEO, design, and social media.

He is an avid designer who strongly believes businesses should take design more seriously.

With Pixify, he’s able to help people realize the need of good design in business.

About Us

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