30th January, 2024

  • FixedOld section flexbox and grid breaking with Elementor v3.19 update
  • TweakUpdated Freemius SDK


5th July, 2023

  • TweakUpdated Freemius SDK


24th May, 2023

  • FixedShape Dividers custom color not working on Flexbox Containers
  • TweakUpdated minimum Elementor version to 3.5
  • TweakUpdated Freemius SDK


2nd December, 2022

  • FixedGrid item CSS not being outputted on frontend


30th November, 2022

  • ImprovedCompatibility of Quick Spacers and CSS Transforms with Flexbox Containers
  • TweakUpdated Freemius SDK to 2.5.2


13th September, 2022

  • FixedGrid column conditional control not showing in editor
  • FixedPHP 8.0 deprecated warning
  • TweakUpdated minimum Elementor version to 3.1


2nd March, 2022

  • FixedSecurity Fix


4th December, 2021

  • FixedAdded Transition feature to the settings page list


16th August, 2021

  • Improved Compatibility with Elementor v3.4
  • TweakRemoved “Child Selector” option from CSS Transform feature
  • TweakDisabled CSS Transform feature by default for new installations
  • FixedDouble spacer initialization on re-render and with Grid Layout enabled


17th May, 2021

  • NewFlexbox Wrap feature
  • NewAbility to toggle powerups on/off from the settings page
  • Improved Ability to change the Quick Spacers and Input Nudge jump value from the User Preferences panel
  • ImprovedAbility to partially enable Quick Spacers on only selected elements (section/column/widgets) from the User Preferences panel
  • ImprovedPerformance improvements for the grid layout visual overlay. Using custom logic instead of ComputedStyleObserver library that caused occasional lag
  • ImprovedUpdated the UI of the settings page
  • ImprovedCode and directory refactoring of helper JS functions
  • ImprovedUpdated minimum Elementor version requirement to 3.0
  • FixedTrivial, non-breaking console errors changed to warnings

18th April, 2021

  • Improved Changed Quick Spacers max drag limit from 300px to 500px
  • FixedBlob Generator image not showing on Chromium browsers when Custom Positioning height is empty
  • FixedFlex section not stacking by default on mobile when the plugin is enabled
  • FixedChanged certain trivial console error notices to warnings


1st March, 2021

  • Improved Quick Spacers toggle shortcut “Ctrl+Q” now changed to “Opt/Alt + S”
  • Improved Increased section column count to 25
  • Improved All editing handles hidden when dragging the spacers
  • Improved Column borders thickened by a bit to improve visibility with Grid Visual Overlay enabled
  • ImprovedExtended blob image width and height control limits beyond 100%
  • FixedInfinite editor loading issue on new setups having Elementor v3.1+ with Optimized DOM enabled by default
  • FixedGrid Layout option dropdown for column unreadable in dark mode


28th December, 2020

  • Improved Quick Spacers now jumps 5px by default. For normal 1px dragging behavior, hold the spacebar key while dragging
  • Improved Grid Layout background made lighter to improve contrast
  • Improved Quick Spacers UI improvements
  • Improved Removed the w, s, c keyboard shortcuts for the quick spacers
  • FixedWidget drag-drop positioning issue when quick spacers were active
  • FixedUndefined error on the frontend in some edge-cases from the layered shadow powerup


30th November, 2020

  • FixedGrid layout child columns with images overflowing horizontally in responsive mode

12th November, 2020 (Beta release)

  • FixedCompatibility issue with Elementor Pro forms


30th October, 2020

  • NewGrid layout powerup. More details and a video walkthrough here
  • New Negative margins dragging support for Quick Spacers
  • Improved Page Grid is now a Global site-level option accessible through User Preferences tab in the hamburger menu
  • Improved Faded-out inherited values on spacers for responsive modes
  • Improved UI improvements for spacers, including – background changed back to solid colors from stripes
  • Improved Retired “Q” key shortcut for Quick Spacers in favor of auto-priority on selecting the desired element
  • Improved Quick Spacers dragging shows dragging cursor even when the cursor goes out of dragging area
  • Improved Quick Spacers minor performance improvement
  • Improved Added color swatch for layered shadows
  • Improved Changed slider step values for Transforms and Advanced Gradients
  • Improved Advanced gradients negative color location
  • FixedAdvanced Gradients and Layered Shadows compatibility issue with Global Colors
  • FixedChanging column spacers on a section also changed values for inner section columns while dragging
  • FixedConsole error on initializing Quick Spacers
  • FixedSpacers added extra gap below widget in editing mode


5th September, 2020

  • FixedBlob Generator image custom positioning not working on Safari browser
  • Other Confirmed compatibility with Elementor and E Pro v3.0 release


25th August, 2020

  • Fixed“Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object” error in Elementor Pro 3.0 Theme Builder
  • Fixed“propID not defined” console error with Quick Spacers

15th August, 2020

  • FixedUpdated WordPress compatibility version number to 5.5


15th August, 2020

  • NewGlobal toggle for Quick Spacers (Ctrl + Q) in the Preferences section
  • IMPROVEDCompatibility with Elementor 3.0-beta
  • IMPROVEDBlurring only the active text editing field when using Quick Spacers in conjunction
  • IMPROVEDHide all other spacers on the w, s, and c keys
  • IMPROVEDUpdated welcome page design of the plugin
  • IMPROVEDQuick Spacer performance
  • FixedProcessing Quick Spacers when in Global Theme Style mode
  • FixedSpacers not working when changing dynamic templates
  • FIXED Jaggedness in dragging spacer values
  • FIXED Absolute positioning issue with blob generators
  • FIXED Undefined index on motion effects compatibility code
  • FIXED Section/column flickering on changing advanced gradients/shadow values
  • FIXED Unexisting dev files loaded when SCRIPT_DEBUG constant was set to true


27th June, 2020

  • NewPreview swatch for advanced gradients and layered shadows
  • NEWKeyboard Shortcut Key “Q” to highlight the current selected widget’s spacers
  • IMPROVEDQuick Spacers UI
  • IMPROVEDAuto apply parent spacer values for the non-dragged values in responsive mode
  • IMPROVEDShow negative margin spacers as the default size to avoid overlap editing issues
  • IMPROVEDPerformance enhancements to the spacers
  • IMPROVEDOpacity of a layer in the Tangerine Shape Divider
  • IMPROVEDTransform Skew control limit change
  • FixedSpacers disappearing when snapping mouse with no value change
  • FixedUndefined index notice


26th May, 2020

  • NewChild selector control for transform
  • FixedGrid settings not applying in responsive modes
  • FixedProcessing Blob widget’s CSS output only when the widget has been added


21st May, 2020

  • FixedGrid not calculating offset when screen width is greater than the defined max-width


18th May, 2020

  • IMPROVEDAdmin menu page now moved inside Elementor main menu with tab navigation
  • IMPROVEDMajor changes to Blob Generator functionality and efficiency
  • IMPROVEDFill options moved to the Style tab for the Blob Generator
  • IMPROVEDAdditional tips and description of settings for Blob Generator and Grid
  • IMPROVEDPerformance improvements to the quick spacers
  • IMPROVEDMoved the spacer element type identifier to the center
  • FixedImage and Gradient fill not working properly for multiple blobs on a page
  • FixedImage not appearing on Frontend for the Blob Generator
  • Fixedc, s, w keyboard shortcuts for highlighting quick spacers not working on keyboards having a layout other than QWERTY
  • Fixedthis.ui.edpSpacerDivs.siblings is not a function error on adding a new section
  • FixedGrid not showing up on Page Template other than Elementor Canvas


3rd May, 2020

  • IMPROVEDDescription for Blob Contrast and Complexity controls
  • FixedGrid not appearing in the Elementor latest version (2.9.8)
  • FIXEDCSS Returning undefined string on early bail of shadows, gradients and transforms

28th April, 2020

  • FixedMinor error with the Ctrl keypress reset action on the Spacers

19th April, 2020

  • newGradient Image Clipping functionality for the Blob Generator widget
  • NEWQuick Spacers for Column
  • NEWKeyboard shortcuts to highlight the required spacer type
  • NEWWatermark of the Element type on the spacers for easier identification
  • NEWOption to apply Advanced Gradients to Text
  • NEWOption to apply Layered Shadow to Text
  • Improved Admin page with a better design and easier help access
  • Improved Rewrote Quick Spacers functionality to make it more performant for longer pages
  • IMPROVEDUI Improvements in the Spacer UI for more clarity
  • Fixed Transition causing delay in the dragging of Spacers

10th March, 2020

  • RemovedLocal Components

6th March, 2020

  • fixedBug causing transformations and multi-layer shadow to not appear in the editor view
  • changedTemporarily disabled Local Components

29th February, 2020

  • fixedBug causing Theme Builder template grid to appear on other pages where the template was used

27th February, 2020

  • fixedTypo in the build file

27th February, 2020

  • improvedCompatibility with Elementor v2.9.3
  • fixed Empty translation file

22nd February, 2020

  • changedPlugin name changed to Designer Powerup for Elementor

6th January, 2020

  • newPlugin’s Visual Identity
  • NEWQuick Spacer
  • NEWLocal Components
  • NEWColumn Order
  • Improved Instant Blob generation after dragging
  • Improved Tips wherever applicable
  • Fixed Error on pasting element style having EDP Gradients or Shadow set

1st November, 2019

  • Fixed Value 0 in transform controls was being ignored

31st October, 2019

  • improvedFreemius Integration update


29th October, 2019

  • improvedTransform control UI handling and its behavior for responsive styling
  • newAdded % to Layout Grid Offset and Gutter


23rd October, 2019

  • improvedElementor compatibility


20th October, 2019

  • newSkew in element transform
  • newResponsive options for the transform control
  • ChangedDesign Grid now called Layout Grid


16th October, 2019

  • ChangedUpdated Freemius trial payment requirement info


16th October, 2019

  • Hello World again EDP is now a stable plugin.
  • ChangedTo a grey favicon in the menu to keep it consistent with WordPress UI


13th October, 2019

  • improvedEmulating hover rules only when hover mechanism is available in the device

11th October, 2019

  • new 3D Perspective
  • new Shadow Position
  • new Responsive Blob Sizing
  • IMPROVED  Transform controls moved into popover
  • IMPROVED  Negative values for Rotate
  • IMPROVED  Blob generator now works on click of button instead of changing controls
  • IMPROVED  Major Performance improvements in Powerup CSS rendering in Editor
  • IMPROVED  Powerup Frontend CSS added to Elementor’s Post CSS file instead of inline output
  • IMPROVED  Check for $e API availability to make Page Grid keyboard toggle work
  • IMPROVED  Removed `<title>` tag from SVG Shape Dividers
  • fixed Blob shape auto-change on applying powerups to parent column/section
  • fixed Section re-render on adding/editing Multi-layer shadows and gradients


8th October, 2019

  • fixedPowerups not working on Sections and Columns

7th October, 2019

  • improvedNew Plugin menu page with KB links

6th October, 2019

  • improvedName edits for controls and features

5th October, 2019

  • newKeyboard Shortcut to toggle Grid

4th October, 2019

  • newPlugin Menu

29th September, 2019

  • Hello world EDP Beta launch.

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