Column Order

The Column Order feature solves the problem of the inability to change the order of columns in Elementor.

Getting the most value out of Column Order:

Here are some different ways you can use Column Order:

  • Change the order of columns for tablets and mobile devices
  • Quickly change the order of the column without having to move the column.

How To Change Column Order:

  1. Select the desired column.
  2. Navigate to the Layout tab of the selected column.
  3. Under this tab, you’ll find a new option named ‘Column Order‘.
  4. Give an order number to the selected column.
  5. Similarly, select the other columns and give them an order number as well.
EDP - Column Order

You can also set a different column order for mobile devices. Just click on the desktop icon and select the device you want to set the column order for.


  • Column Order can be used for tablets and mobile devices too.
  • You’ll have to set an order number for each column to make the Column Order work properly.

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