Shape Dividers

EDP adds more unique shape dividers to Elementor that will help you to create better-looking sections.

A quick intro to Shape Dividers:

Designer Powerup comes with 25 new shape dividers. These new shape dividers can be found in the same place as the shape dividers that come with Elementor.

Designer Powerup’s Shape Dividers can be customized like the default Elementor shape dividers. You can change the height, width, colors, and more.

Getting the most value out of Shape Dividers:

Here are the different ways Shape Dividers can help you spice up your designs:

  • Turn boring sections into something more fun
  • Break the page layout and introduce uniqueness to your design
  • Create eye-pleasing designs for your users

Using EDP Shape Dividers:

It’s just like using the normal shape dividers where you select a section, go to Style -> Shape Divider, choose where you want to apply it (top/bottom), and pick a shape.

EDP shape dividers start from ‘Arrowhead’ and ends at ‘Water’. The shape dividers have a prefix ‘DP‘ before the name. For example – ‘DP Arrowhead’.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the shape dividers in a subtle way so that they don’t distract the user from the content on the page.
  • If some content is overlapping the shape divider, turn on the ‘Bring to Front‘ toggle in shape divider settings.
  • Don’t use shape dividers on all sections of your page. It would look too fancy and less professional.
  • Always try to use one style of shape divider on a page to maintain consistency.


  • You can modify the height and width of the Shape Dividers just like any other default Elementor shape divider.
  • Shape Dividers can be applied to both the top or bottom of the section.
  • You can change the height and width of the shape dividers for tablets or mobile devices.

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