Shape Dividers

EDP adds more unique shape dividers to Elementor that will help you to create better-looking sections.

Quick intro to Shape Dividers:

Designer Powerup comes with 25 new shapes.

Getting the most value out of Shape Dividers:

Here are the different ways Shape Dividers can help you spice up your designs:

  • Turn boring sections into something more fun
  • Break the page layout and introduce uniqueness to your design
  • Create eye-pleasing designs for your users

Using EDP Shape Dividers:

It’s just like using the normal shape dividers where you select a section, go to Style -> Shape Divider, choose where you want to apply it (top/bottom) and pick a shape.

Shape Dividers - Elementor Designer Powerup

EDP shape dividers start from ‘Arrowhead’ and ends at ‘Water’.


  • You can modify the height and width of the Shape Dividers just like any other default Elementor shape divider.
  • Shape Dividers can be applied to both the top or bottom of the section.
  • You can change the height and width of the shape dividers for tablets or mobile devices.
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