Make your pages look more appealing with Filter Effects

Designer Powerup adds graphical filter effects that can be applied to any page element and create different effects.

Designer Powerup for Elementor - Filter Effects

Only colors aren’t always enough

There are many times when you want to take the users through an emotional trip or just want to apply dazzling effects to your page elements.

Our filter effects brings all of those fancy graphical filters to your normal widgets with which you can make all of it possible.

Plus, you can mix and match these effects to create something entirely unique and amaze the visitors.

Create a Wow factor

Set and tweak brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to increase its appeal and the overall design value.

Add an element of secrecy

Entice the user by blurring the elements to grab their attention and get them to click.

Filter Effects - Blur

Pair it with Transitions to create cool effects

Take the effects to the next level by applying them on the hover state and enabling the transition feature.

Transition - Settings Panel


Filter Effects on Creative Elements

Add filter effects to creative elements such as countdown, galleries, sliders, etc. 


You can also apply filter effects to complete sections



Filter Effects - Designer Powerup for Elementor

General Questions about Filter Effects

Can I apply Filter Effects to any widget/section?

Yes, you can apply Filter Effects to any widget, column, or section.

Can I create different Filter Effects for normal and hover states?

Yes, you can create different Filter Effects for both normal and hover states.

Ready to take advantage of the powerful filter effects?

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