Ship your client's sites faster.

Designer Powerup is specifically built for pro freelancers and design agencies to go from prototyping to the final website at record speed. Take advantage of a better workflow, and dazzle your clients with a solid design before deadline.

Don't write custom CSS for advanced designing anymore.

Everything you need for applying advanced CSS3 techniques and effects is all present in the new “Powerups” tab. No more guesswork with values when you can just drag controls and see it in real-time.

Designer Powerup for Client Sites: a formula for faster handoff

A workflow that you and your team can easily adopt.

All the features are extended natively, as if a part of Elementor itself. There’s barely any learning curve, and we have in-depth documentation for all of it.

We’ve seen design agencies adopt the workflow in about a day or two and never looking back.

Special tools for account management.

A Designer Powerup license comes with a full-fledged Pixify Account dashboard with which you can manage pretty much all aspects of your account — from profile to payment details, websites, invoices, etc.

Hide Account Details from your clients

Don’t surface your private account/license/payment details to your clients. Just click a checkbox.

Hiding Account details from clients - Designer Powerup

Give License ownership to client

Want to offset ongoing plugin subscription cost to your client? You can handle that too from the dashboard.

Manage multiple sites from a central dashboard

So you don’t have to log in to dashboards individually.

Managing Multiple Client Websites - Designer Powerup

No load on page speed.

All the CSS3 features of Designer Powerup are handled like native Elementor controls — i.e. the CSS output gets appended to the final CSS file for the post/page.

There’s no extra overhead of using any other of our features either. Quick Spacers and Grids are editor only, extra Dividers and Blobs are SVGs.

Unobtrusive features.

We don’t go around sticking the addon’s logo or branding everywhere like some other addons out there.

The experience using Designer Powerup will be the same as using the Elementor editor without it. We believe that the addon is an extension of the editor, and the editor should be clean and distraction free.

Designer Powerup add-on Menu in WP Dashboard

Settings, only when you need them.

Designer Powerup menu is hidden away which can be accessed only when you need it to. No top-level menus. No visible branding. Your clients won’t even know that you have the addon installed.


Our system detects that you’ve arrived here from a site that offers our plugin for free as a nulled copy.

Not only is that unethical, but also dangerous for your sites.

Such sites are often known to carry malware and/or injected ads. This can put your website and business in danger.

So, it’s better to purchase it from the original source where we also provide automatic updates and support to you.

We also have a 14-day free trial in case you want to give it a shot before buying.