Why is Pixify
a Free WP Theme Shop?

Learn the story behind why we decided to offer Premium themes at no cost.

Existing Problems
with the current WordPress Theme market

Way too costly

A premium theme costs a minimum of $50. To justify this price, it's stuffed with a lot of paid plugins which you may or may not need; and may also have free counterparts. There's literally no reason for themes to be this costly!

Poor designs

Many theme shops are just mass-producing themes one after another without bringing anything new to the table. This is how it generally goes - Take a pre-built theme, tweak HTML and CSS, deliver it as a new theme. Hardly takes a few hours.

Declining Trust

More and more people are distributing free themes as a marketing tactic to sell you their paid upgrades or even inject some malwares or trackers into your site.

The solution - Pixify

Pixify is an attempt to overcome these problems in the WordPress theme market, and once again, establish people’s trust on free themes.

Also, it’s important to remember that free doesn’t always mean low quality. The best example – WordPress..

Our designs are crafted with precision, to make sure they look beautiful and optimum. And not to mention they are blazing fast, with performance improvements built-in. They are just as good as any premium theme out there; if not better..

We would love to continue offering this as long as we can; but we will need your support for that.

It’s okay if you can’t donate us money, but you can always spread the word and let the world know about Pixify themes so that they can also benefit from this initiative.

We even go out of our way and provide free support if you encounter any problems / need any customization help. Isn’t that awesome?

So, if you haven’t tried out our themes yet, this is where you should go next:

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