Design Elementor Pages
without Limits.

Elementor Designer Powerup removes design limits and adds advanced design capabilities to help you design complex stuff in Elementor without breaking a sweat.

It’s very refreshing to see a new spin on what an Elementor Addon can be. The emphasis here lies on saving time making your designs more unique. I can’t wait to see what new and creative features these guys come up with next.
Verdi Heinz
Elementor Community Leader
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EDP is an Elementor plugin for professional web designers

Because we have been there before and are now too, we know what you need to create better web designs with Elementor.

Our plugin will help you to:

Align content and translate designs across device sizes

Layout consistency is a very important aspect of web design. With EDP, you get the ability to create and customize prototype-like layout grids and turn uneven designs into pixel-perfect for all devices.

Create memorable digital designs with layered gradients

The limit of 2 colors in a gradient sucks. EDP solves this problem by adding a system to let you add any number of color layers and create layered gradients for any element on the page.

Go the extra mile with dynamic element effects

Our visual effects are a suite of controls to add transformations, filters and transition effects to any element on the page.

You've barely scratched the surface.
There are many more powerups.

More Shape Dividers

Get 25+ unique shape dividers that will add more quality to your pages and help them stand out

Organic Blobs

Generate these natural and fun blob shapes within Elementor and add a unique look to your pages

Multi-layer Shadows

Create life-like shadows with a system that allows you to add multiple layers and direct the light source

Stop wasting time writing Custom CSS.
Speed up your Elementor workflow.

Without EDP, you’d be writing hundreds of lines of Custom
CSS for each element to achieve effects, transformations,
gradients and shadows.

And if you are not a frontend developer? Then you’re out of luck.

Whether you are a beginner, a freelancer, or a design agency who uses Elementor for designing client websites, EDP can help you in multiple ways:

  • Better Web Pages
  • Advanced CSS effects with ease
  • Save hours of time

Customer service is our secret sauce

With support directly from the plugin creators (who have been using Elementor since its beginning) and the ability to reach us via WP Dashboard, Email or Slackyou’ll never stay stuck.

Self support

Have a question about the plugin?
Get the help you need, when you
need it.