Improve UX of your Elementor pages with smooth transitions

Designer Powerup adds a system to create and fine-tune transition between element states that helps you provide feedback to the users and keep a smooth interaction flow.

Designer Powerup for Elementor- Transition Animations

Grab attention of your visitors

If you want to create pages that feel lively and interactive to the user, just plain elements won’t work.

You’ll have to add motion to the page. Maybe not the fancy animations that trigger on scroll or on loop, but at least a different styling for element hover state and applying smooth transition between the states to give the feel of motion.

Adjust the duration of the transition

Create quick or lengthy transition animations with the control over setting a custom transition duration of your choice.

Set an animation effect that suits your needs

Choose from one of the multiple timing functions to fine tune the animation timing and make it smooth or crisp.

Transition Animation - Timing Function

Add stability with delay

Add and customize delay for the transition to control the start and end timing of the transition motion.

Transition - Settings Panel

General Questions about Transitions

What happens if I disable the transition?

The changes of different properties (gradients, shadows, etc) between states will not transition smoothly.

Can I apply Transition Animations to any widget/section?

Yes, you can apply Transition Animations to any widget, column, or section.

Ready to add motion to your Elementor pages?

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