Present your page elements like never before

Designer Powerup adds a suite of tools that allows you to move, rotate, skew, scale or give a 3D effect to any element.

Designer Powerup for Elementor - Element Transformations

Introduce the 3rd Dimension

If you want to add interactivity and depth to your page elements, especially important ones like buttons, images and videos, then 2D won’t cut it.

3D transformations opens up a new world of possibilities for you where you can move, control and position these elements however you want in a new dimension.

With this, you can create pages that are dynamic, appealing and creates interest amongst the users.

Control the perspective

The perspective feature allows you to set and control the 3D plane and modify the viewpoint according to the way you want.

Use this in conjunction with the other transformation features to apply the 3rd dimension to the element.

Rotate the element in different planes

The feature allows you to rotate the element in x, y and z. 

Paired with perspective, you can create a 3-dimensional space and make it pop.

Transformations - Designer Powerup for Elementor

Create a feeling of motion and speed

Skew any element to add the feeling of the object in movement or motion.

Fine tune the value to set it to either high or low skew and create varying effects.

Transformations - Designer Powerup for Elementor

Achieve a smooth transition

Pair your Element Transformations with our Transition powerup to achieve a smooth transition effect for your transformations. 

Transition - Settings Panel

For all the devices

All the transformation features works with all responsive modes, also allowing you to rotate individual effects to create tailored transformations depending on the device size.

Element Transformations - Responsive

General Questions about Element Transformations

Can I apply the Transformations to any widget?

Yes, you can apply Element Transformations to any widget, column or section.

Can I change transformation values for mobile devices?

Yes, you can create transformation effects tailored to each responsive mode.

Does Transformation work on hover states?

Yes, you can apply transformations on both normal and hover states.

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