Spice up your Designs with these new, modern Shape Dividers

Designer Powerup introduces 25 new, unique shape dividers to give you the freedom to create more attractive flow of sections and add visual flair.

Designer Powerup - Shape Dividers

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Here are the 25 new shape dividers (click to zoom)

Totally unique​

All of these 25 are completely different than what you get by default in Elementor. This gives you much more variety and style to choose from for your next Elementor page.

No effect on page speed

All of these shape dividers are pure SVG elements and are loaded inline.

This means that it doesn’t cost you extra server requests or any overhead in terms of size.

So, you can be rest assured that adding fancy shape dividers to your sections doesn’t affect the site speed at all.

Shape Dividers - Designer Powerup for Elementor

Fully customizable

These shape dividers are built following the rules of the original Elementor shape dividers. This means that just like the rest of them, you can adjust the height, width, color and order of all of these shape dividers.

Shape Dividers - Designer Powerup for Elementor

General Questions about Shape Dividers

Do these Shape Dividers affect the performance of the page?

All the Shape Dividers added by Designer Powerup are SVG elements that don’t add any extra server requests resulting in no effects on the performance of the page.

Are Shape Dividers responsive?

Yes, these Shape Dividers are fully responsive. You can also set different height and width of the dividers for each responsive mode.

Where can I find these Shape Dividers?

Our Shape Dividers can be applied right from where you usually add the default Shape Divider of Elementor.

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