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Speed Up your Elementor workflow with Quick Spacers

Designer Powerup’s Quick Spacers totally changes the way you manage element spacing in Elementor. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Stop wasting time clicking around

A designer’s time is best spent doing creative work and crafting awesome layouts.

You may not realize but you spend way too much time clicking around, especially for something as common as padding/margin which needs to set for almost every section and widget of the page.

All of that process involving clicking on the Advanced tab, unlinking values, and then setting a number until it is fine tuned to what you like is pretty cumbersome. There has to be a better way, right?

That’s where Quick Spacers comes into play, offering you an intuitive way to directly adjust the spacing by dragging the edges in the design area itself.

The traditional way v/s Quick Spacers

Designer Powerup’s Quick Spacers speeds up your workflow by more than 250%
We’re not kidding. See it for yourself:

Control element spacing like never before

No more guesswork or going to Advanced section everytime you want to see the padding/margin applied to an element. Quick Spacers shows them on just hovering over it!

Keyboard shortcuts that take it to the next level

Nifty keyboard shortcuts are built to be used with dragging to achieve synchronized spacing. Press “Shift” to change all sides at once, “Alt/Option” to change opposite sides or “Ctrl/Cmd” to reset the values instantly.

Responsive Mode Ready

The spacers automatically adapt when you switch to responsive mode and show the spacing values for that mode (if set), or the inherited values from the parent mode.

This way, you exactly know and control spacing for each responsive mode, visually.

Ready to speed up your design workflow with Quick Spacers?

Give it a shot and experience the awesomeness by yourself.
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