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Add depth to your page elements with Layered Shadows

Designer Powerup gives advanced control over drop shadow allowing you to create a visual hierarchy and impression of depth.

A single shadow layer is not always enough

When you want to emulate light sources and give dimension to your elements, a single shadow layer is not good enough for that purpose because real-world shadows work differently.

They go from dark near the element edges and gets lighter and smooth towards the end. This perspective of distance can only be achieved with multiple shadow layers on the web.

Before Designer Powerup, to achieve this, you’d have to experiment, write and modify a bunch of CSS until it reflects the desired shadow, which is very time-conusming and also cumbersome.

With Designer Powerup, you can use the easy control interface to create and arrange shadow layers and create the desired shadow and distance perspective very quickly.

Emulate life-like shadow and distance perspective

Add multiple shadow layers to create a depth similar to that in the real-world, which lets your element pop out and give a sense of visual hierarchy.

Apply on parent, or child

You are no longer limited to only applying shadows on the container, which is one of the biggest limitations of default shadow controls in Elementor.

With Layered shadows, you can target any element of your choice.

Ready to take advantage of the power of shadow in your designs?

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Other advanced styling features: