Get complete control over column positioning

Designer Powerup solves the inability to modify column order as required on different device sizes with this feature.

Designer Powerup for Elementor- Column Order

Reversing the order is not always enough

How many times has it happened to you that you wanted that 3rd column to be shown as 2nd on tablet and not 1st?

Most of the times, reversing the order is not the ideal/required solution and more control is needed over the positioning of the columns.

This is where the Column Ordering feature comes into action allowing you to fine tune the position/order of the column per device size.

Easy to use

Select a column, and give it an order number.

That’s it. It just works!

Responsive control

It allows you to set a different order for a column per device size, and automatically inherits the parent mode order just like other Elementor controls.

General Questions about Column Order

Can I set different column orders for tablets and mobile devices?

Yes, you can.

Where can I find the Column Order settings?

You can find the Column Order option in the Layout settings of the selected column.

Ready to take control over column positioning?

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