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Create mesmerizing designs with Advanced Gradients

Designer Powerup takes the concept of gradients to the next level and gives you the ability to create colorful designs.

Get rid of limitations and unlock the true potential of colors

If you want to create beautiful gradients and use them in elements, the only way to do it currently in Elementor is to write custom CSS for it and try and test until you find that perfect gradient mix that you want.

This means you need both – a lot of time, and proficiency in CSS. Plus, if you want to apply this gradient on top of some image, or text or border, good luck looking for tutorials over the web and then making it work for you.

To overcome all these issues, and create appealing gradients anywhere in an efficient and code-less way, we have introduced the Advanced Gradient feature.

Apply on parent, or child

Our gradient extension feature allows you to apply the gradient to any child by adding in the child CSS selector.

With this, you have the flexibility to harness the power of gradients on any element of your page.

No more 2-color limit

Only 2-colors in a gradient is very limiting and often ends up with a dull shade in the middle of the blend.

Break past the 2-color barrier and add as many colors as you want.

Works with all widgets

It works in a way similar to Elementor’s Background controls in the Advanced panel that works commonly for all the widgets.

This means that even if it’s a widget from Elementor Pro or a third-party add-on, you can apply multi-colored gradients to it.

Ready to take advantage of the power of gradients?

Give it a shot and experience the awesomeness by yourself.
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