Our goal is to help you use Pixify products to the fullest potential.

What Support Will You Receive From Pixify?

When you purchase any Pixify products, you’re not just purchasing a product that will help you achieve your goals.

You get beyond that. We provide support for all our products to make sure you get the full benefits our products promise.

Here’s the different cases for which Pixify will offer you a helping hand:

Product Support

We provide full guidance on how to use Pixify products. For this, we’ve created a knowledgebase for our products and also publish content on our blog.


In case you run into an issue or want to help for basic troubleshooting, we will offer you help and advice to tackle your problems.

No Support

We don’t offer support for custom requests that involves writing PHP or CSS. We also don’t get involved in troubleshooting errors of 3rd part services you’re using.

But we will refer you to other ways you can get assistance.